Nathan is here


Nathan at 9 months

LOL I have been really really slack with this site hey?


Based on the previous article, I can say that Femke gave birth on 30 March 2012 to Nathan Auke Ross Corr.

He is now just over 9 months old (wow time flies hey?) and is an absolutely gorgeous and adorable baby and is the jewel of our lives.


We are now planning a trip to the Netherlands in June of this year. It should be a blast! 🙂

Wow time does fly

Wow. it’s been over a year since I have touched this site.

Does this mean I am not active any more? This is not the case.

I guess I am more active on Facebook and Twitter than this blog. (for now anyway)

Femke and I are now engaged! This wedding is in September 2011.

Her parents are over visiting from Holland. We are all gearing up for the holidays!

Summer is not as hot as last year which is wonderful!

Chat soon!

Visa Dramas: Chapter 2: Part 2

Time for a little Visa update.

As you can recall from the last update, our list of things to do is this:

  1. Matt will fly back to Australia. Femke will stay in Holland and continue work at her current job.
  2. Matt will need to get a job in Brisbane.
  3. Once I have a job we will finalise all the paperwork required. I will have to send “certified copies” of papers and general copies and forms to Holland.
  4. Fem needs to call the German Australian Embassy in Berlin to arrange an appointment (Netherlands has an Australian Embassy but they don’t have Visa capabilities – sigh)
  5. Fem goes to the appointment with all the papers. If everything is in order, then she will be granted a temporary spouse visa that same day. This is valid for 2 years.
  6. Fem organises and executes her move to Australia!
  7. After 2 years, we supply additional paperwork to immigration for that period to show us still being together etc and the temporary visa is upgraded to a permanent spouse visa.

There has been some developments since then, which I will now attempt to explain.

I have now put together all of my documentation that I need to send to Femke. This was mailed to her 2 weeks ago and she has successfully received them all. Femke has also received the Australian police check in the mail as well. Yes! All good there. So as far as paperwork that we need there is only two items left.

  • New Zealand Police Check
  • China Police Check

New Zealand Police Check

Femke has sent off both the requests for the New Zealand and Australian police checks at the same time, so it was assumed she would get them back at around the same time. A week after she received the Australian police check, she sent an email to the NZ Justice department just checking up on the progress of it. We were informed they had a large backlog to process and we would just have to be patient. We estimate that she should have the NZ police check in about 2 weeks from now. Nothing too major, just need to wait a bit.

Chinese Police Check

This is where the fun starts. We had a few delays with getting Ebe (Femke’s friend in China) to help us. It turns out we have contacted her at one of the worst times possible. She currently has a lot of major work and personal issues she is currently dealing with which take up most of her time. After a few weeks she was able to help us out for which we were very grateful for.

We all followed the process for obtaining a Chinese Police check and she ended up at the local police station. There she was told that they don’t handle those kinds of requests. So we have hit a brick wall. Ebe and her friend Maggie ring around and try to find out another way to get the police check with no luck.

Fem and I are starting to get concerned. Fem then emails both the Chinese and German Aussie embassies asking for how we are to proceed now. They both respond and say that they acknowledge that some documentation required is very hard or impossible to obtain. If we cannot get the police check, if we show proof that we tried then that would be acceptable.

Yes! A way through this we thought! However there was a catch.

Initially step 4 of our master plan involves Femke going to Berlin for the interview while they process the papers. If everything was correct, she would have been issued the Spouse Visa that same day. But now that we are most likely not going to have the Chinese police check, this means that we would not be able to do the same day processing. The German embassy would have to do some additional enquires through their channels. They recommended the best option would be for Femke to mail in her paperwork and wait for them to process it through their standard queue. This means step 4 has gone from taking 1 day to possibly months. sigh.

Yes there is still a glimmer of hope on the horizon. Late last week Ebe and Maggie said they might be able to get the Chinese police check by going to a bigger police station, but they are continuing their enquires and will get back to us when they can. So we are still hopeful that we might still be able to get it.

So that’s where we are right now. Amazing how an entire visa process now hinges on two sub papers from the police check section! Funny how it all is! Well keep your fingers crossed!

Goodbye Zulu

Today was a very tough day. We had to put down my brother’s dog Zulu. She was 12 years old.

Brent and Zulu

Zulu came to our family in January 1997 through our friends Angela Lee. Zulu was ultimately my brother’s dog, but she was welcomed into the family and we all loved and cared for her very much.

Zulu as a puppy Zulu's first wash with a young Matt and Brent!

She was a very intelligent and kind natured dog. She was great around children and loved having human company. She was also a very good guard dog (some might say too good as her barking was legendary!). She took one of her tasks of barking at the mailman very seriously!

She always loved going for long walks along the Margate shoreline. She would usually pull the cord very hard to get the beach as soon as possible! We felt a few times she might pull you off your feet if you were not careful! She usually settled down once you got the beach and then enjoyed the walk and the view.

She always enjoyed a nice treat every now and then. She was crazy for those Smacko treats. She would do anything for them!

Zulu watching over her domain Zulu seeing something downstairs

As the years ticked by and I moved out of home and did my travelling, I didn’t see as much of Zulu as I would have liked. But she was always there to greet me with a little present (usually a stick or a rock) and a vigorously wagging tail whenever I dropped by to visit. She loved being petted and stroked and a good old fashioned belly rub.

In the last few months, her enthusiastic moods gave way to a more relaxed nature. We then found out after several tests that she had cancer and tumours in her stomach and jaw respectively. After we exhausted all options, Brent opted to do the humane thing and release her from any further pain.

This was a very tough decision and of course it was a very difficult process to go though but it was for Zulu’s benefit.

One of my favourite shots of Zulu!

One of the reasons why I am glad I am in Brisbane instead of Holland at the moment was it allowed me to say goodbye and to get closure with Zulu.

So goodbye Zulu, may you be in peace and be playfully chasing Kruimel around in pet heaven somewhere! 🙂 You will always be in our memories and our hearts forever. We will miss you.


I have included some of the digital photos I have taken of Zulu over the last 5 years.

My first digital shots of Zulu on Nov 2003. Zulu at the gate Brent with Zulu Brent playing with Zulu  Me with Zulu on a walkFemke with Zulu on a walk  Zulu enjoying herself at a party Brent and Zulu at the beach Brents favourite photo of him and ZuluOne of the last photos taken of Brent and Zulu

Blog site updates

SNAG-0027Hello all,

Just a quick mention of two add-ons to this blog that will make things easier for international readers and for people who are not sure what RSS reads are about.

On the top right section of the blog you can see a section called “Subscribe to new posts via Email”. As you can guess this means that if you are not sure about RSS feeds, you can enter your email address and click on the Send button. A confirmation email will be sent to your account. Once confirmed, when ever I put up a new post you will be notified almost immediately. Pretty cool! If there are any issues, let me know.

The second feature is the Translator located directly beneath that. Clicking on the flags will translate my blog to that language. This has proved useful for my Dutch friends here. Fem has proof read the Dutch translated page and she says that while it’s not perfect it’s pretty good.  So if English is not you major language, it will now be much easier to read my posts. If there are an requests for additional languages to display let me know and I will add them.

Also if there are any features that you want to see, let me know and I’ll see if I can add them too! 🙂