On the 14th of December, we decided it was high time I went and saw a castle. There are not a lot of castles in Holland, and luckily there was a pretty good one about 30 minutes drive north. This is Castle Loevestein. The Garmin GPS I took with me proved itself rather useful, as neither Fem or myself knew how to get there. But we just searched for it, added as a Favourite and away we went!

Fem pointing to the map The main moat to the castle

The castle itself has a moat all around it. The water was rather icy from the shot you can see below.

Icy water! Another view of the moat

Once over the moat there was a small village. But now it just holds a Museum, a tourist centre and some cafes. In older times it was a base for the troops.

The main street The Main house?

Once we paid our entrance fees and turned around the corner at the end of the row of houses we are greeted with the castle itself on its own mini moat. It’s a pretty impressive sight!
Once inside the middle area is all completely hollow.

 The entrance to the castle The whole castleThe hollow inside area

There are actually not a large number of rooms inside the castle, just a lot of big ones. It was also built for defence, so the staircases up to the next level are very narrow and tight. There was not a lot of furniture in the castle. The two rooms below has the most decorations. The majority of the other rooms were barren.

The main hall The discussion room

The dark shadow at the bottom of the photos above is my lens. I should have brought my external lens for these shots. 🙂

A knights metal outfit A basic pulley ssyetm Fem squeezing up a narrow staircase. Imagine how cramped I was!

It was a good “first” castle for me. Hopefully I might get a chance to see some more!

Photographic shot in the main hall View of the moat as we were leaving.