Kruimel the cat

Femke has had a cat named Kruimel for almost 13 years. She was brought to the house, to help with mice issues and due to a younger Femke’s persistence. When Fem was travelling Australia and New Zealand, Kruimel stayed here in Holland and waited for her to return.

Femke was so delighted to see her cat again when we arrived here. Kruimel was a very talkative cat and was spoilt rotten by Fem’s dad and us as well of course!

She was always at the dinner table patiently waiting for some food to be given to her. If these were not given she became less subtle and asked for the food and even putting her two front paws up on our legs. You basically almost had no choice but to give her something then! She was also a playful cat who didn’t like fancy toys, instead preferring to attack a shoelace that was moved in front of her.

In the last few weeks, since I have been working from home, it was common for her to curl up asleep in a comfy chair behind me where I sit all day. I was surprised how attached I had got to Kruimel given I have only known her for 6 weeks.

Unfortunately she became sick in the last 2 weeks. She was taken to the vet several times and specialist tests were completed. To our sadness we found out that Kruimel had cancer of the liver. Last night she was put to sleep. We are all glad to know she is no longer in any pain but we will all miss her terribly.

I have taken a lot of photos of Kruimel to provide us with lasting memories.


Relaxing  Peeking through the certains On the chair in the PC room With Fme's mum Close up On Matts lap Cat sneerKruimel with Fem On the lounge chair