Sinterklaas again!

Last night was the 5th of December here. This is where Sinterklaas is celebrated in the homes in the Netherlands. You could think of the the evening of the 5th of December as being the same as the morning of the 25th of December in Australia.

The table of goodies before we started Fem with her cat Fem's mum feeding the cat

The only main difference I noted was that the presents were not under a tree, but they were in a bag (Sinterklaas’s bag!) that was brought down from upstairs when the time was right. So after watching some very important shows on TV (Dutch soaps), Fem and her mum went upstairs to bring down the bag.

The cat amazed at how awesome the 50D is Fem with the bag!

We then had drinks and yummy nibbiles (including Fem’s delicious apple turnovers) on the table while Auke, handed out the presents. The presents were unwrapped one at a time so everyone can see your reaction and enjoyment. I was very happy and surprised with what I received. This included:

  • A book called The Undutchables which is an accurate and humorous take on life in the Netherlands.
  • A soft bicycle seat cover to help my not yet fully formed biker’s bum.
  • A sample of local Waalwijk beers and liqueurs.
  • A giant M in rich milk chocolate. Yum!

After the unwrapping The gifts I received

It is Dutch tradition to give small poems along with the gifts on Sinterklaas. Fem and her parents got their Dutch poems first, and with my final present I got my poem as well.

I have attached a copy of it below as I thought it was very sweet and well done!

The poem I got