Football in Waalwijk

On the 12th of December, Auke took me to see the local football team play the visitors from Den Bosch, It was actually my first live football game I have been to.

After rugging up with what I thought was enough clothes we set off. There were many police around (normal for football matches I am told), so we took our seats up at the back of the stadium and waited for the game to start. It was a small stadium with all seats nice and close to the action. Most of the “Den Bosch’ens were isolated to a small section of the stadium to prevent trouble makers.

The stadium the visitors supported isolated

I got the following photos during the first half. The  lighting was good. but not the best for shooting fast action shots. I really needed a faster lens!

During the second half, it got so cold I had to put the camera away to stop my fingers going numb! When you are sitting still in an exposed stadium, you really feel it. I looked around and thought everyone was smoking, but it was just them all breathing! Once it was over and we went back to the car park, all the cars were covered with frozen frost. That’s how cold it was!

The game was good to watch and I hope to see some more games in the future. The final score? It was a 1 all draw.

the teams march on away we go

a player get scratched. he goes down. a penalty goal

a failed attemptat goal the mascot