I love my new digital camera

As most who know me will know, I am heavily into digital photography. About a week ago I picked up a new Canon 30D, which will replace my aging Canon 300D.

Don’t get me wrong.. the 300D is a very good camera… but the 30D. Oh my GOD! It is awesome!
I only have one gallery up so far. That can be found here.

The main features I like about the 30D:

  • Speed. Digic II is just so much faster than Digic I on the 300D
  • Size. Nice large camera to fit my massive hands. I was a bit worried about the tiny 350D.
  • LCD. The 2’5″ LCD is larger than you think. Allows you to see photos better and more clearly.
  • Features. More features than you can throw a stick at
  • ISO Stops. the ability to increment in 1/3 stops gives you just that little bit extra.
  • Buttons. Three seperate controls, the main dial, the quick dial and the hat switch all work together to make using the camera that much more fun and efficient.
  • Body. Nice tough black body. Looks great and semi-pro like.

As you can guess, it is the 30D I am hiding my face behind in my profile picture to the top right!

I will have fun. 🙂

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  1. Mum here…this is new to me a blogsite ??? very good idea…I’m very glad you like the new camera, do you really think you will keep this one for three years?? I love the look of excitment in your eyes every time you look at the camera. I’m really looking forward to seeing the photos the camera produces. You knowthe photo ofthe plant I asked you to take last time…well at K Mart they are selling a print of a close up of the flowers. amazing
    I’ll check out the rest of this site now.

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