We ain’t joking about domains

I bit the bullet and bought my own domain www.mattcorr.com a few weeks ago.

This will be used to link to my smugmug site which I have also gone pro on. Just need to finish a few special projects first before focus completely on the smugmug site. I have a good good ideas which I am sure I will be able to implement (probably with the help from the fine folk at dgrin.com)

I bought the domain from www.joker.com which was recommended by smugmug. Joker appears to be based on Germany and I have found it rather painless to use. Not sure how it compares price wise, but it seems pretty sweet.

As a bonus I was easily able to setup blog.mattcorr.com to point to here.

If you are still reading this boring post (I wonder why?) here’s a pretty picture for your trouble.

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