Auckland Coast to Coast

Femke and I did the first serious hike today which was a 16km coast to coast hike through Auckland and its surrounding area. This involved going up and down two dormant volcanoes (Mt Eden and One Tree Hill) and walking through the Auckland suburbs.

More info and a map is here. The way down the path was not always physically clearly marked and the paper map we had was not overly detailed so we got lost a few times. This made for some interesting puzzle solving which included asking nearly strangers where we were! But in the end we finally made it to Onehunga. It was a small pity that after such a wonderful hike through some really good scenery that the end point was a rather disappointing park in Onehunga. Oh well.

My hiking boots caused me all sorts of pain again. I am really hoping this is just part of the wearing in of the boots and I did not get a pair of boots too small. We have a lot of hikes coming up on our way to Wellington and in the south island and I really need to be able to wear them all day comfortably!

Check out the photos of the Coast to Coast in my smugmug gallery here.

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  1. Bummer about the car. Your boots will take awhile to wear in…you need to wear them as much as possible before doing long your feet will swell etc.

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