Milford Sound

View from the jetty at Glenorchy

Te Anau

The day (18th of March, 2008) after the Greenstone-Caples hike we drove from Glenorchy to Te Anau and set up camp at a good holiday park and just rested. I was limping around a bit and enjoyed just sitting still!

I sold my old boots on a TradeMe auction which I was grateful for as this helped cover the cost of the new Lowa boots.

The next day we had a chat and reluctantly cancelled the Kepler track due to my injuries. I am sure that we will come back and do it properly in the future!

Fem and I initially thought that a walk and a tramp were the same thing. It was brought to our attention during Greenstone Caples by another tramper that a walk is a well defined path the entire way, and a tramp is something like Greenstone-Caples. We had wanted to “ease” back into the multi day walks by doing an “easy tramp” thinking that it would be easier than Kepler and definitely easier than the Routeburn (which is regarded as the hardest of the great walks). It turns out the Greenstone-Caples walk was harder than the Routeburn! So while we are glad of our personal achievements in conquering the Greenstone Caples, in hindsight we would have preferred to do the Kepler.

Journey to Milford Sound

On the 19th we drove from Te Anau to Milford Sound. This is an absolutely incredible drive. I would rank it up there with the Great Ocean Road in Victoria and the Westport to Greymouth drive.

There are so many spots to pull over and get some great shots so of course we did them all and that ended up taking us most of the day to get there!

There is an incredible tunnel you have to pass through to get to the Sound. It’s about 2 km long and on an incline of about 30 degrees. Made for some interesting driving the first time we went through it.

To get an idea of the sheer size of this waterfall, click on it and look closely at the base. Yes, those are some people down there! 🙂

Once we got to the holiday park, we settled back in the tent again for the cruise the next day.

Milford Cruise

On the 20th of March the day was a bit overcast but that’s pretty much normal for the Milford sound area! We went on a cruise of the sound and it is truly unbelievable.

The sheer cliffs have to be seen to be believed. The shots I got really don’t do it any justice.

We had a free onboard lunch first, and then spent the rest of the cruise outside on the main deck taking in the wonderful sights.

We saw impossibly steep cliff-faces that ran straight into the water, seals lazing about on the rocks and the cruise even had the front of the boat go right next to a big waterfall. (Good thing I took my raincoat as well!)

Towards the end of the cruise, the boat was docked at an underwater observatory. We descended down the stairs and were able to see the sound from underwater.

I have to say the view was not that good as we could not see much with the murky water.

Overall we were impressed with the cruise and a day well spent!

That night we drove back to Te Anau and wondered what we were going to do instead of the Kepler hike.

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  1. Wow! Matt, looks like all that walking has made you lose a lot of weight… Alan

  2. thanks mate. Yeah a lot of walking plus very little junk food and the KGs tend to slowly go!

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