Castle Rock and the Gondola

On the 18th of May, it was a slightly cool but sunny day so Fem and I decided to go up the Christchurch Gondola. It is located about 20 minutes drive south of the city

Once we got to the top we were treated with great views of the city and of Lyttelton Harbour to the south. Below is a panorama I took of from the gondola lookout. It turned out rather well and made me wonder why now is the first time I thought of doing something like this!

Lyttelton Panorama

I think I will be doing more panoramas from now on!

After walking around the the outside section that completed encircles the gondola, I was able to take these additional shots.

Fem at the Gondola View from the Gondola Matt at the Gondola

From the gondola there are various walks that snake out along the crater’s rim. We decided to take a walk to Castle Rock which did not look far but it ended up taking a while.

View on the way to Castle Rock The hut on the hill

Castle Rock Reserve View into the valley from Castle Rock

The path was very pretty, but due to rain from the previous day, many sections were rather slippery. We had to watch out step a bit and did have a few near misses! We walked to the hut which was a memorial for the women pioneers on the early days. In the photo with the hut at the top right of the above group you can see the gondola in the background. 

After a short rest we continued on to Castle Rock itself. We decided to just walk next to road which was a more flatter and direct way to get there. After a brisk 30 minute walk we were there.

Fem at Castle Rock Looking at the city from Castle Rock

The view was great, and we could see more walks branching off from the top. I could see that we could get there by car. so I am planning on coming back one sunset to get some sunset shots which I think will be stunning!

Afterwards we walked back down to the hut, then back up to the Gondola and had some good views of the afternoon sun. All in all a good day sightseeing in the area!

The evening sun from the gondola

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