Kaikoura to Picton

Initially I was not going to make this a separate blog post, but when I realised what photos I had, I felt it justifies its own post.

On August the 13th, we drove from Kaikoura to Picton. It was a very scenic drive. Similar to Westport to Greymouth and the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia. Lots of mountains meeting the sea, long windy roads, tunnels under mountains, rolling green hills as far as the eye could see, it had it all!

Before we left Kaikoura we travelled to a nearby lookout and was greeted by this magnificent view.

Kaikoura Costline

Then we also stopped by the library and recreated one of the shots from the Lonely Planet – New Zealand which we use for a reference here quite a lot.

Fem with Whale wall

Then it was full steam ahead to Picton!

The main attraction on the way was seal colonies. Almost the entire coastline was dotted with small seal colonies and seals just relaxing.

Coastline north of Kaikoura

We pulled over at one of the rest stops to have a look at them and by co-incidence we noticed that one of the seals had a rope tied around it’s neck.

Seal with rope

So we called the local DOC office and gave our position and they said they would send someone out to investigate. At least we did something about it.

The next seal colony we stopped at was interesting as we could get really close to them. There was about 30 seals lazing about on rocks and getting into the occasional fight. Of course both of us wanted to use my zoom lens to get some good fighting shots. Below are the best of quite a few shots taken in a short space of time.

seal scoping us out fighting seals

baby seal scoping us out cool seal shot

The final stop we did was recommended to us by a backpacker at Kaikoura. There was a waterfall about 40 minutes north which was noted for occasionally having some seals play at the base. So naturally we stopped and checked it out. Due to good fortune (more like good timing) we were the only ones there and there was about six young seals playing in the water. It was really impressive to watch as we were only a few metres away and the seals were totally oblivious to our presence. I took my tripod with me so I was able to get some great waterfall shots.

waterfall shot 1 seals at the waterfalwaterfall shot 2

seal resting in time lapse shot seal checking out visitors

The rest of the way to Picton was mainly lots and lots (and lots) of green grassy hills to the horizon. I would have taken some shots but I was driving and we wanted to get there. So all in all it was a good drive.

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