Back to Wellington

After the Queen Charlotte hike, it was time to head back to Wellington.

In the morning of August 15th we did some sightseeing at the local Picton lookouts, where we got some good shots but there was also a lot of rainy periods where we had to wait them out in the car!

Picton Harbour in the rain

There was about 15 minutes difference in the time between the panoramas above and below. It goes to show how quickly and dramatically the weather can change in New Zealand.

Picton Harbour in sunshine

Then it was back onto the Blue Bridge ferry and back across the strait again to Wellington. Below is the last shot (and panorama) I took of the South Island. We had spent just over 6 months on the island. We had arrived on February 8th and left on August 15th of 2008.

Farwell to the South Island

There was a brilliant sunset over Wellington as we arrived in the harbour. It was like the North Island was welcoming us back. 🙂

Wellington Harbour at sunset Fem on the Ferry

Then it was off to see Jeff and Cath again!

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