When we were in Wellington, Fem and I agreed to change our path of travel on the North Island. This was to avoid a large bunch of storms that were threatening Tongaririo National Park. planned route

Instead of slowly making our north and crisscrossing the island when needed, we were now going to do a U shaped pattern. This involved going up to Napier and Gisborne on the east coast.

Then up further north along to the coast to East Cape. Then west to Rotorua and then down south to Taupo. From there we would head to Tongaririo national park to see the three volcanoes. Hopefully the main bank of storms would have passed as we would have better weather!

Then hopefully do (weather permitting) a multi day canoe ride down the Whanganui river. Once that was completed we do our final north push, stopping at Tauranga and then doing the Coromandel peninsular. Finally passing through Auckland and doing Northland and the Bay of Islands before settling back in Auckland for the final week and selling the car before we head back to Brisbane! PHEW!


From the 22nd to the 25th of August we were at Napier. Napier is regarded as the “art deco” centre of New Zealand due to a massive earthquake that levelled the town in 1931. They rebuilt the town of course, and most of the architecture was in the 1930’s style which was later classified as “art deco” (yes I do actually read some of the panels in the museums).

We thought the old buildings were ok, but nothing really that spectacular. I guess neither of us are that architecturally aware, although we both love the really old church cathedrals we see from time to time.

Examples of Art Deco Examples of Art Deco

Along the beachfront of Napier a long strip that contains skate park, a city flower garden, multiple historic statues, the earthquake museum, some waterfalls, Marineland (see next blog post) and a large aquarium. It’s like all the attractions of the city are conveniently along one long road.

Napier statues The main water fountain another statue

There were a lot of flower gardens along the strip. I have included some of the best flower shots I got.

Napier gardens Napier gardens

Streetlights along the strip Napier gardens Waterfalls north of the strip

Then it was off to a lookout to get a better view of the entire city and the docks that are on the other side of the lookout mountain.

Lookout  looking south at Napier city

Lookout looking north at the Napier docks

For our final day in Napier we visited Marineland. (more next post)

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