Picton and the Queen Charlotte Track

We arrived in Picton on August 13th. We setup at a local backpackers and then checked out the harbour while we worked out what we wanted to do.

Picton Harbour

Picton Gardens

Since the weather bomb that hit the area rather hard about a week ago, we knew that the full 5 day hike of the Queen Charlotte track was out of the question. So instead we settled for a 1 day hike by mountain bike. We thought this was different than normal and should provide some good experience. But after checking with the local tour operators, we were discouraged from doing it by bike as our lack of experience plus the muddy paths would make it too tricky. So it was back to doing it on foot yet again.

So on the 14th we were picked up by boat and walked a 3 hour section of the track. This took us from Resolution Bay to Furneaux Lodge.

The boat trip there Resolution Bay waters

View from Resolution Bay

But since we were taking it easy and stopping for a lot of photos it took us 4 hours. The path was well graded but muddy in places. We did see a bit of damage from the storms (mainly fallen trees and lot of branches and leaves on the track) but nothing too major. It would have been rather difficult for us to have mountain biked it so I am glad we did it on foot.

View from most lookouts on the way

Fem climbing over a fallen log One of many waterfalls we saw Me pretending to kick over a broken tree 

It was an great sunny day for the tip although there was a strong cold wind. We both had a good time and enjoyed the stroll.

Fem at a nearby beachFurneaux Lodge 

View from Furneaux Lodge

When the boat picked us up, it stopped off at Punga Cove on the way back which was a place that my mother enjoyed the second last time she was in New Zealand. Luckily not long after we got back, the skies quickly filled with storm clouds and it started to rain a lot for the next 24 hours.

Punga Cove dock

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