We spent 5 days in Wellington, from August 16th until 20th. It was great to catch up with Jeff, Cath, Jarod and Jack again.

Below are two photos of Jack taken in February and August of this year as we passed through Wellington. He sure is a growing pup! And isn’t that a totally adorable photo of puppy Jack on the left… awwwww. Jack is a great dog and Jeff and Cath are doing well in his training.

Jack in Feb Jack in August

We have a few days of great weather, so we made the most of it. First we went back to the city and looked around and went up the Wellington Gondola via the old cable car and got some great views at the top.

Wellington from the gondola

The cable car coming up

Then we walked back down to the city via the Botanical Gardens and the old cemetery which now has a major high way running through it.

Botanical Garden flowers Fem at a waterfallBotanical Garden flowers

Wellington Gardens

StatueTreehouse in the Gardens Botanical Garden flowers

The next day we spent with Cath and Jeff. We ended up taking Jack for a stroll across a mountain top for some more good views and tour of Wellington itself with Jeff pointing out good spots to go and sharing stories from his past.

Wellington suburbs

Jeff showing things to Femke Jeff enjoying the view 

Wellingon view from the hill top

Then it was across the harbour in a ferry to Eastbourne for a nice lunch. The ferry was just leaving when we arrived (talk about perfect timing)

Cath and Jeff on the Ferry A boat in the harbour

View of the city from the harbour

And then even more drinks that night (and early morning if I remember correctly!)

The final day was spent cleaning the car and our stuff and doing some shopping. The farewell dinner that night was great and we were off again the next morning. Both Femke and myself are very grateful for Jeff, Cath and Jarod for opening their home up for us to stay and also receiving a few travel presents as well! Vogels bread and the Steinlager Pure beer for the win!! We were both sad to leave, but I am sure we will see them again in the future. 🙂

View from Jeffs place

Dinner on the final night Dinner on the final night

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