Camera Upgrade

On the 28th of October, I was able to upgrade my Canon 30D DSLR (which was sadly damaged in New Zealand) with the new Canon 50D.

After checking out the features of the new body I am incredibly happy. However I found out that the old battery grip was also damaged a bit. The vertical shutter button had a noticeable lag. Sometimes it would not even activate at all. As a work-around I could just use the main shutter button but it would be awkward for portrait shots.

So thanks to an early Christmas present, today I got the BG-E2N battery grip!

_MG_0862 This now completes my camera upgrade and I am extremely pleased to have this before I go to Europe (3 days from now!)

_MG_0864 Things I like about the 50D:

  • New menu system
  • Massive high resolution screen
  • Lens illumination correction
  • Better weather sealing
  • Higher mega pixel rating. (gone from 8.2 to 15)
  • Takes great shots from what I have seen so far

So all European blog posts will be with my new camera! Can’t wait!

(thanks to gav for the photos of my camera above!)

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2 thoughts on “Camera Upgrade”

  1. Hi Matt, it’s Mike from the Bay of Islands Rock cruise!
    Hope you’re well and enjoyed the rest of your time in NZ. Put some photos up of the cruise!
    Glad to read you managed to sort out a new camera in time for Europe. Have a great time, take it easy.

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