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On the 9th of November, Fem and I drove to the old town of Heusden which is just north of Waalwijk. You can see from the aerial shot from Google maps, that Heusden is an odd looking town practically surrounded by a moat. This was due to it being a heavily fortified town back in the middle ages.

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It has the old style charm for a Dutch town. A lot of history and a few windmills scattered around it’s fringe. Since it was Sunday when we went, there was not a lot of people out and about. By the time we left in the early afternoon it has opened up a bit more.

The walls at the entrance Fem on the street

Fem and I spent the morning there, just looking around, getting some shots and had a nice lunch at one of the restaurants.

Windmill and a town light the main area

We noticing a group of dog walkers gathering. What was interesting was that nearly every dog was a Dachshund! Must be a common theme for this town. I was surprised how loud the bark was for such a small dog!

More windmillsView from above 

It was a nice little town to visit! There were lots of side streets and nooks and crannies, so it would be pretty easy to get lost there if you were new to the place.

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