A setback

We were very lucky with all the paperwork that was needed from Australia. Thanks to my mother racing around Brisbane in melting shoes on Thursday and helpful government officials, we were able to get all the required certificates in a few hours and mum was kind to express post them to us in Holland. They should arrive here early next week. “Yes! Some good news at last!” I thought on Tuesday morning.

However on Thursday afternoon we found out that Femke did not get the job which has the 12 month contract and right amount of pay.  This was a crushing setback.

We are now exactly 2 weeks away from the interview with immigration in Den Bosch and we are back to square 1 regarding Fem’s job situation. We will need a signed 12 month working contract within the next 10 working days otherwise I will be returning home. Given the current economic climate, the usual resume perusal and general multiple interview process this will be very difficult to do. To complicate matters even more, Femke has also been very sick for thee last three days. There is a flu epidemic currently going though Holland at the moment. Marijke has it and now Fem. Thankfully I don’t seem to be affected by it (touch wood).

So what happens from here? Well. first Fem needs to get over the sickness. She is nearly there. Then we look for more work. At the moment we both are really drained over this whole saga. You have to remember for Fem this has stress been going since about the 10th of November 2008. There just has not been any release.

We’ll see what happens.

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  1. Good luck with the job hunting,Femke. We have everything crossed for you(fingers, toes etc). However your health is important too. Hope you and Marijke are feeling better soon.

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