Ice Skating

This winter has been rather cold even for Holland normal standards. So it is unusual at this time to have full frozen over pond. We were having a relaxing day on the 1st of January (recovering from the awesome fireworks!) so Fem and I cycled over to this donut shaped shallow lake. The weather has been below zero consistently for the last week now and the lake has been frozen over.

This was the first time I have been on a naturally frozen lake, so it was pretty cool.

a Frozen Lake Fem and I on the ice

The only rule we found was that Fem and I could not stay close together for too long otherwise we hear a crack! The second time this happened I felt the ice I was standing on crack and then drop by about 5 mm. This of course scares the crap out of you when you are about ten metres away from the shoreline!

So I decided to stay close to shore so if I ever broke it completely I would just get my shoes wet.

I walked along the edge where it was clearer. Unknown to me at the time this means the ice is weaker. I took one step on the clear ice and saw about 6 crisp cracks snake out from under my foot. Oohh! back back back…

Me on the ice Femk on the ice

We walked to the other end of the lake via land, as I was really not trusting the ice anymore. Even though lots of other people were on it I was just too unsure. On the other side Fem convinced me it was ok as long as we didn’t stand too close to each other. So we walked back on the ice and I enjoyed it!

From the land path Walking back on the ice itself. Plenty of people here

Matt, Nga-chi and MarkI was glad to get back indoors in the afternoon as it was damn cold outside.

Fem’s older brother Mark and Fem’s friend Nga-Chi dropped by that afternoon. Here you can see the three of us together. No Nga-chi is not actually that short, but she certainly appears that way when standing next to me and Mark!

That evening Fem and I got ready for our 3 day trip to Belgium and Maastricht.

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