Immigration Dramas – Part 3

Well the latest news is not very good.

I am still waiting on the two stamped certificates. They are currently somewhere between Brisbane and Holland. But I should have them in a day or two.

After getting the initial bad news about Fem not getting the job last Thursday, she has put in her resume for 6 more jobs. Yesterday we received a knock back for 3 of those 6.  So we have 3 more to wait on.  There is a chance, but itโ€™s getting slimmer with each passing day. Fem could apply for more jobs, but most of them have cut off dates for applications which are beyond next Friday so they are not an option. The IND interview is for Friday of next week, so we reckon that if there are no possible leads by Wednesday of next week that it will be the end of it and I will be returning to Australia.

We will most likely go to Cologne in Germany this weekend to have a nice relaxing weekend and try not to think about all this. This way I can say I have been to Holland, Belgium and Germany! ๐Ÿ™‚

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One thought on “Immigration Dramas – Part 3”

  1. Matt and Femke,
    Will keep all our fingers and toes crossed that something will come along in the next few days.
    Yes I agree at least enjoy the time you have and go see Cologne and relax.
    All our best wishes Glen and Carmel

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