Goodbye Zulu

Today was a very tough day. We had to put down my brother’s dog Zulu. She was 12 years old.

Brent and Zulu

Zulu came to our family in January 1997 through our friends Angela Lee. Zulu was ultimately my brother’s dog, but she was welcomed into the family and we all loved and cared for her very much.

Zulu as a puppy Zulu's first wash with a young Matt and Brent!

She was a very intelligent and kind natured dog. She was great around children and loved having human company. She was also a very good guard dog (some might say too good as her barking was legendary!). She took one of her tasks of barking at the mailman very seriously!

She always loved going for long walks along the Margate shoreline. She would usually pull the cord very hard to get the beach as soon as possible! We felt a few times she might pull you off your feet if you were not careful! She usually settled down once you got the beach and then enjoyed the walk and the view.

She always enjoyed a nice treat every now and then. She was crazy for those Smacko treats. She would do anything for them!

Zulu watching over her domain Zulu seeing something downstairs

As the years ticked by and I moved out of home and did my travelling, I didn’t see as much of Zulu as I would have liked. But she was always there to greet me with a little present (usually a stick or a rock) and a vigorously wagging tail whenever I dropped by to visit. She loved being petted and stroked and a good old fashioned belly rub.

In the last few months, her enthusiastic moods gave way to a more relaxed nature. We then found out after several tests that she had cancer and tumours in her stomach and jaw respectively. After we exhausted all options, Brent opted to do the humane thing and release her from any further pain.

This was a very tough decision and of course it was a very difficult process to go though but it was for Zulu’s benefit.

One of my favourite shots of Zulu!

One of the reasons why I am glad I am in Brisbane instead of Holland at the moment was it allowed me to say goodbye and to get closure with Zulu.

So goodbye Zulu, may you be in peace and be playfully chasing Kruimel around in pet heaven somewhere! 🙂 You will always be in our memories and our hearts forever. We will miss you.


I have included some of the digital photos I have taken of Zulu over the last 5 years.

My first digital shots of Zulu on Nov 2003. Zulu at the gate Brent with Zulu Brent playing with Zulu  Me with Zulu on a walkFemke with Zulu on a walk  Zulu enjoying herself at a party Brent and Zulu at the beach Brents favourite photo of him and ZuluOne of the last photos taken of Brent and Zulu

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