Visa Dramas: Chapter 2: Part 3

It’s been over 2 months since my last update,  so it’s about time I gave a  status update:

We were waiting for:

  • the New Zealand Police check
  • the Chinese Police Check.

In the last week of April we got the NZ Police Check, so that was good! We just had to wait that out.

Thanks to Ebe and Maggie we were able to find a place to get the official Chinese police check but it was going to take a month. Since we had no other choice we went ahead with it. So the whole month of May was spent just waiting for the police check. We had all the other paperwork that was needed. Since nothing much else was happening, we were both working and saving, there was not much need to blog about anything!

Our patience pays off in the end, and by very early June, Ebe has both the Chinese and English translated versions of the Chinese police check! Wahoo!

Ebe sends the paperwork back to us via trackable courier. Fem received the paperwork last week. Yes! It was ours! We finally had everything we needed!

She spent a few nights going through it all and finalising the whole package to send to Berlin. She sent the package yesterday and about 1 hour ago it arrived at the Australian Embassy in Berlin! (we kept a close eye on via the trackable courier!)

So that officially ends the paperwork and information gathering stage of the whole migrating of Femke to Australia. We now just have to sit and wait for Berlin to review it all.  Overall they say it will take from 1 to 6 months to complete. I am hopeful since we have all the documentation there and we have been through the checklists and requirements with a VERY VERY VERY fine comb that the processing time will be more closer to the 1 month rather than 6 months!

So what happens now? Well Femke really wanted to be here for my birthday on July 28th so she is coming over to Australia as a tourist from July 24th for three months.  With any luck the visa will be approved during that time and she will be able to stay here! She will have to leave the country to get the visa itself, but this can be accomplished by going to Auckland, New Zealand.

It is now exactly 6 weeks until she arrives in Australia, so I am hopeful the visa processing will be a significantly well underway or nearing completion!

After all these setbacks both in the Netherlands and with China we are now nearing the end of all this and can start to feel some rays of sunlight coming through the clouds!

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