Visa Dramas: Chapter 2: Part 5: The conclusion for now

After getting the official go ahead from Berlin a few weeks earlier than expected we were very happy she was able to go there and pick it up!

Femke was a little cautious and concerned that something else might go wrong. I did my best to re-assure her but I was a little concerned too. It all had suddenly become so easy…

It ended up being rather anti-climatic to be honest! (in a good way!)

Back to New Zealand

fems visa Femke flew out to Auckland on Sunday morning. She received an email from Berlin on Monday and was told to go to the Australian Embassy on Thursday.

She then just has to kill time until Thursday.

When Thursday came (yesterday), she was at the Embassy bright and early. They asked for proof that she had left Australia, and showed it. 2 minutes later she had the sticker/stamp in her passport which was the official 2 year temporary residency visa!

That was it. The hard part is now officially over!!

I will be picking her up from the airport tomorrow night and she will now be an Aussie temporary resident!

So what happens now?

Femke can now legally stay and work in Australia for 2 years. The only limitation is she can’t get access to government benefits (like we need them :P).

The next and final stage is in 2 years time when we have to show the government additional proof that we have been together for the previous time. This will involve showing joint bank accounts and joint names on leases or big purchases etc. But that should all be significantly easier than what we have been through since February of this year. When that is all approved and sighted and stamped, then her temporary residency visa will become permanent.

Starting next week we can now finally get on with our lives together in Australia!! We have been waiting for this for so long! This means getting joint bank accounts, Fem looking for work and both of us searching for a place to live closer to the city! All the things other people can sometimes take for granted. It’s gonna be a lot of fun!

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