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Most of you already know that on my personal PC side, I have switched from PC to Mac. After using an iPhone for over a year by that time I was curious about exploring the “other side” and see what the development environment is like.

It started in Feburary 2010 when I dipped my toes in the water and bought a Macbook 13″. It quickly became my main computer and I grew very interested and keen on the mac way.

Now over a year later I have upgraded from the Macbook to a new Macbook Pro 15″. I am totally loving the the speed and power of this system and am looking forward to using it for a very long time.

I know a lot of PC people still point out the initial cost of a Mac as a major negative. Sure it’s expensive, but the quality of the hardware with the interface and “get out of your way” nature of OS X makes it well worth it.

Also since I still work with PCs at work, I switch between the two every day. Windows 7 is a very capable OS but the quality of the laptops is noticeably  inferior!

But as with all flamewars people have biases and prefer to have sides. Some prefer Windows and it works for them. fair enough. I just prefer the Mac 🙂

Xcode here I come!


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  1. Ok… I will bite…

    You compare Mac vs Windows but you say multiple times that it is the hardware that makes the difference. I agree that the Apple hardware is very good and that compared to your current work laptop it might be vastly superior. However i would liken this to comparing the build quality of a Rolls Royce to a Hyundai. When you compare a cheaper computer with a more expensive one of course there will always be differences as you do get what you pay for… However I will still point out that you could still get just as good a quality computer for much less $$$.

    As for your comparison of Windows to OSX you always point out the intangible arguments like “get out of your way” or you make flawed comparison to things like resume time which is more a feature of the hardware and not the OS itself…

    You have always hated Microsoft even back in 1995 when you predicted that Windows 95 was going to doom Microsoft to bankruptcy. At least you can use a OS that is nothing to do with Microsoft which I am sure makes you much happier…

  2. You may be interested to know that I sell both Windows and Apple Macbooks. I have been selling refurbished Apple Macbooks for about 6 months ( Windows laptops for 15 years). I provide a warranty and save approx 50% off the new price.
    Macbooks are dearer than the Windows equivalent but are very stable technically and of course are not inflicted with virus’s

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