Yet more blog changes

Hello again!

So what have I done now?  I have now some web hosting thanks to the nice chaps over at dreamhost. So now I am hosting the blog in an area that is fully controlled by myself. Wahoo!

So what does all this mean for you my readers? Nothing major really. The blog is still at However I now have no restrictions,  as there was a few when the blog was hosted at I will be able to try out some new plug-ins and widgets and themes myself to also enhance the viewing experience both for you and myself.

So expect to seem some changes around here. Not all will be visible, but it should be interesting, nonetheless!


Whoa… this all looks different?

Don’t worry! you are at the right page! 🙂

I have just decided to change my blogging server from blogger to wordpress.

Why did I change? Well, it was rather painful editing and embedding photos via blogger. But I didn’t know of anything better. A few days ago I surfed on the wordpress site and trialled out their free blogs. I was totally stunned at how much better, flexible and more powerful the interface was. Plus I could also import in all of my blogger posts seamlessly (as you can see below).

Some of the killer features include:

  • Flexible width columns- no more reading a blog in a tiny 400 pixel wide column which has always been a pet peeve of mine
  • Media Library – I can manage my uploaded photos separately to the articles themselves, and even upload whole directories of photos if needed. (blogger was one at a time and embedded in articles so they were too static)
  • Post editor is much better
  • Page designer is more powerful and customisable
  • and on and on….

If you like or hate the new format let me know via the comments below.

More updates coming soon!


New laptop

Recently I bought a new laptop, am actually posting this message from it right now!

Overall I am very very happy with it. But it was a bit of a long drawn out process, as I wanted to get the right one from the start.

Basically you first start with the list of much have features. ie What I needed was the following:

  • 15.4″ screen
  • nice keyboard
  • good style
  • light
  • compact
  • and decent memory and hard drive.

I was going to go for the Dell Inspirons, as we have a few of their older models and they seemed rather good and well priced. A few days before I placed the order, I went to a Dell kiosk at Chermside on a whim just to see if they had them so I could see them hands on. I was so glad I did that as the current model of Inspirons are utter shit. The keyboard quality was utter crap. SO I dropped rather quickly and had a chat to the sales staff there.

They recommended the Dell Vostro, which was supposed to be better. so I scoped it out and they had a good price. so I was about to order that and the I read a lot of reviews about it online and pretty much EVERYONE was saying “great lappie, but damn it is BIG and THICK and HEAVY”. This was enough to put the seed of doubt in my head so I dropped the idea of getting the Vostro.

So finally I thought of getting a lappie through my work, and our supplier usually deals with HP. I previously had avoided HP like the plague especially since when they had their dark queen there for 6 years of hell. But since she got booted out in 2005, HP seem to have improved significantly.

After some more research I found out their laptops are currently rather good. So I ended up buying my first HP device and am loving it immensely.

So now I am more mobile, and starting to take the lappie rather than my giant desktop to LANS. Will this be the future? just laptops at laps? Who knows? Time will tell.


Create your own books!

For my mothers birthday this year I used Blurb to create a coffee table sized hard cover book about the Bullo River holiday we had in late 2006.

I was impressed with the quality of the books, but the client application to create the books was a buggy Javashit piece of crap. Seriously, do they even USE their own client software? If they sped it up and made it less prone to screwing up the positions of photos I would like it a lot better. Other than that, it’s a good service.

New hearing aids

Hmmm when I was cleaning my car in early August I somehow lost my hearing aid.

After tossing my apartment and my car several times and several days later, I bit the bullet, assumed the aid was gone and started the search for a new one.

The first step was to find a decent audiologist. The provider of my last hearing aid I thought was rather good. but they are down in Sydney which is a bit too far away.

So I had to search locally for a good one. There were three possibilities that I found.

The first was shockingly awful. They could not even organise the correct hearing aid for a trial not once, but twice. Also the aids were poorly configured, so Femke also hated them as well. If she hates them, then they are going back! So I left them quickly, and moved to the second audiologist which is in my local area.

They seemed reasonably okay, but after I went to the third one and saw how great they were the second one was also dropped.

So now with the audiologist sorted out. It was not a case of which aid to look at.
There are so many on the market, it helps to have an idea of the specific features you are after to help narrow down the list.

After a long chat with John, We settled for the Moxi brand from Unitron.

This hearing aid is pretty damn good for my loss. I just feel that the in the ear part is a bit weak when it comes to moisture and sweat.

I think it might just be due to the clear cover in the sound canal to stop wax from settling directly on the microphone. Not sure. But hopefully it will be sorted out soon as I have to make a choice to get it or not and pay for the aid.