Now I am settling back in at home in Australia, thought I would post a simple update.

Around our pool area there is a lizard that appears occasionally. My folks have christened the lizard as “Wally”.  According to them, Wally likes to hang around the pool. He has been known to swim through the water, drink from it and generally stands and poses (in an upright position) next to it.

When I first came home I saw him a few times and thought it would be good to get a zoomed in photo. For the next week, whenever I came out onto the back veranda I would look for Wally. But he was nowhere to be seen. I began to wonder if he has gone. Recently I did see him a few times, but by the time I got my camera he was gone.

Yesterday during very heavy rains I was finally able to capture him. He was just sitting next to the pool in the pouring rain.

It was a bit hard to focus through the rain, but this one shot below came out ok. So here’s Wally, the guardian of the pool!

Wally the Lizard

Camera Upgrade

On the 28th of October, I was able to upgrade my Canon 30D DSLR (which was sadly damaged in New Zealand) with the new Canon 50D.

After checking out the features of the new body I am incredibly happy. However I found out that the old battery grip was also damaged a bit. The vertical shutter button had a noticeable lag. Sometimes it would not even activate at all. As a work-around I could just use the main shutter button but it would be awkward for portrait shots.

So thanks to an early Christmas present, today I got the BG-E2N battery grip!

_MG_0862 This now completes my camera upgrade and I am extremely pleased to have this before I go to Europe (3 days from now!)

_MG_0864 Things I like about the 50D:

  • New menu system
  • Massive high resolution screen
  • Lens illumination correction
  • Better weather sealing
  • Higher mega pixel rating. (gone from 8.2 to 15)
  • Takes great shots from what I have seen so far

So all European blog posts will be with my new camera! Can’t wait!

(thanks to gav for the photos of my camera above!)

Offical Photographer?

Thought I would make a new post.

Last Sunday, Jo and I went to a meeting of the HIP club at south west Brisbane. It was good to catch up with old friends and meet some new people. Sandra who is a member of the GOC for the Australia Deaf Games asked if I wanted to be an official photographer for the event to be held at the Gold Coast in January 2008.

Wow.. now this should be interesting. and busy! Nothing is official yet, but it will be interesting to follow especially when it come close to January. Should get some good exposure for my main website. Which one? This one. Think I have linked it enough? No? Ok, I am done. 🙂

New Camera Gear

I figured I might make a new post for a new year 🙂

Well I finally got my second L glass lens… the Canon 24-70mm F/2.8 L EF lens to be exact!
If you want to see what it looks like, click here.

I love this lens. It is most likely my new main lens. with the 17-40 L now for wide angle shots and the 70-300 IS USM for long shots.

Some sample shots so far are:


Some samples of shots I have shot are available on my smugmug site.

I look forward to using this lens in the future. More to come.