Weekend in Sydney

I have just spent a weekend in Sydney with good friends Bronwen and John. We decided to go there for a photographic weekend and see some cool sites. Over the course of the weekend we did the following:


  • Visited the Three Sisters at Katoomba
  • Visited the “Lucas Cave” within the Jenolan Caves complex south west of Katoomba
  • Missed returning the rental car back to Hertz by 7 minutes… damn traffic.
  • Dined at the Chinta Ria at Darling Harbour
  • Got some awesome night time shots from Hyde Park and Mr Macquaries Chair (also resulted in uncontrollable shivering thanks to the damn wind!)


  • Breakfast at Circular Quay near the Opera House. Awesome view but we had to wolf down our breakfast before it got too cold!
  • Ferry ride to Cremorne Point for some more photos
  • Met up with John’s sister at Potts Point.
  • Flew back to the Gold Coast and then drove back to Brisbane.

By the end of the weekend, my feet and legs were all sore, I had the beginning of a cold and I was so utterly tired. Would I do it all again? Oh yeah!!

To see the photo galleries for the trip, go here.

Some sample shots are here:

Sydney Harbour

Three Sisters

Jenolan Caves