New Blog

I have created a new blog (as well as this one) called Intrepid Integration.

This will contain more work related posts in the areas of Microsoft Biztalk, Azure and PowerShell.

I use the Ghost blog platform which is a much more light-weight platform than WordPress. The site is hosted in Microsoft Azure (along with this blog too)

It uses markdown for the editor which I love, but the platform is still in early development and some features we take for granted in WordPress are not implemented yet or need to catered for manually.

I hope to blog there more frequently!

Nathan is here


Nathan at 9 months

LOL I have been really really slack with this site hey?


Based on the previous article, I can say that Femke gave birth on 30 March 2012 to Nathan Auke Ross Corr.

He is now just over 9 months old (wow time flies hey?) and is an absolutely gorgeous and adorable baby and is the jewel of our lives.


We are now planning a trip to the Netherlands in June of this year. It should be a blast! 🙂

When will Junior be born?

We are now at week 41 of Femke’s pregnancy.

She has been home for over four weeks now and is pretty bored. She has cleaned the house pretty well but overall is not going overboard with the nesting urge that we are told a lot of women go through prior to birth.

However she would love for the litle guy to just come out! But still he is just not moving. So on Wednesday (28th March) if there is still no sign of labour, then we will have to go to hospital for an induction.

Femke was really hoping for an all natural birth.I belive this is still possible but we just require a small nudge from the midwives!

I have a feeling he next blog post will be a good one with plenty of pictures! 🙂


Not long now!

Tomorrow is Femke’s last day at her work for about 9 months!

She is currently due on the 18th of March, and is really looking forward to just resting and getting ready for the arrival of Junior around that time!

We know our child will be a boy! We have a few names shortlisted but we had trouble coming up with ones that we both liked. Funnily enough we had no trouble getting girls names sorted out. I recall doing this a few months ago before we knew the gender of the baby and we had two of them sorted out within 30 mins!

I will be taking five weeks off work for paternity leave, so it will be a great time for us to bond with your child.

We are both excited and nervous at the same time!

March 2012 is going to be a very very interesting month!




An addition to the family!

I don’t know if many or any people are still following this blog? However I do just want to proudly announce that my future wife to be Femke is now about 8 weeks pregnant with our first child!

The child is due around the 22nd of March 2012. I will try to post updates on this blog as time goes on so people who do follow can keep track.

First a wedding in four weeks from now, then the final visa approval for Femke and then preparation for our first child! What exciting times!